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Imagine designing a webshop in Word. Font: Times New Roman, dotted lists, text and lots more text. Daspartout had a webshop that was ‘the bomb.com’ in 1980. In this project, the goal was to create a B2B webshop selling men’s accessories ready for the 2016 market.

The Logo


On the bright side, the Daspartout logo has a very strong identity. The bright green was a great start in creating a colorful style. Though adding happiness to the website was a must, the challenge was not to make it too childish.

Joyful, joyful


Selling ties should be fun, there is a broad spectrum of colors, shades, and shapes to sell. As flat and boring as the old website was, Daspartout needed to embrace its diversity. The newly created brand identity is showing off their big and special collection of multiple colors, sizes, types, and sleek fashion. With this new design, Daspartout is reaching customers across the country selling happiness.

The quicker the better


We should not forget, we are designing a B2B website. One does not want to spend half a day on ordering new stock for their store. On the old site, there were no filter options. Even worse there was no way to order through the website. All orders were placed as e-mails. First, we have added options to filter, most importantly color and product type. Second, we created user profiles. These should simplify the ordering process because orders are now stored and can be easily ordered again.

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