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Silberfuchs is a product developed to help elderly people contact their family members and other close people in case of an emergency. The elderly will wear a special watch with an alarm button. Once this button is pressed by the elderly, their caretakers will be informed via a mobile application. It is up to them to contact the elderly person and come to a solution. This product is giving the elderly the opportunity to be able to live on their own without being constantly watched.

User Insights


  • Target audience age is 30 to 40 year olds.

  • Very busy people; have a 9 to 5 job, have young childeren and have a social life.

  • Really care about the elderly in their lives.




User Interface


Originally the Silberfuchs app had a more timeline based design. In my redesign, I’ve decided to create a dashboard based experience. This would be more suiting because the user has a monitoring responsibility. In this dashboard design the so-called emergency alarms have a prominent placement.


Swipe to delete
To organize the alarms they are placed visibly on the home screen. To be able to manage these alarms the user would like to delete alarms that are unrelevant or he is unable to reply.
3D touch to view
The user wants a quick overview of the users state. Using 3D touch the user will get some information about the elderly person.
Hidden menu
When the user is on the overview page of the elderly person and either needs to call or test the device of the elderly.

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