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Stop Button



Yellowbrick is a mobile parking solution. Providing multiple ways to pay for parking taxes. Car drivers are obliged to pay these taxes when they park their cars. The traditional way to pay can be painful. This pain can be caused by different context factors such as bad weather, crowded payment machines and bad estimation of parking time. This last factor could cause car drivers to pay too much taxes or in some cases not enough, risking a parking fine.

Danger on the roads


  • The car driver selects the zone their car is parked in.

  • The car driver starts the payment.

  • When the user is ready to leave they stop the payment and pay for the exact time they were parked in that zone.

  • Unfortunately, in some cases, car drivers forget about their transactions when driving away. This is unfortunate because the car driver ends up paying too much taxes either way. This could lead to dangerous traffic situations because users will try to stop their transactions through their smartphones while driving.


Design Challenge

“How can I as a designer help the car drivers remember to start and stop their parking payments? Without putting their lives and the lives of others at risk. Saving them money.”

Existing Solutions

SMS reminder service
Optional to Yellowbrick is the SMS reminder service. This service will send an SMS reminder to the user with an interval that was chosen beforehand. This service is high in cost, 35 cents per sent message. The price is only interesting for companies.
Window sticker (designed by me)
The window sticker is as the name tells us a sticker for the user’s window in their car. This sticker was designed to remind people to start and stop their parking payments. Besides just reminding, the most important phone numbers such as the number to contact Yellowbrick’s customer service are noted on it. The costs for the stickers are €2,50. This sticker can be overlooked easily and the user can forget to start and stop again.
Push Notifications (competitor)
Just like the SMS Reminder service Yellowbrick’s competitor has a push notification version that is free. This option might put the car driver at risk. In the case, they drive and use their phone at the same time.

The Product

The stop button is a little button designed to stick on any car dashboard. This button has a simple interaction. The button is connected to the Yellowbrick app through Bluetooth. The car driver will be able to stop their payment by pushing the button. The colored lights around the button are a way to communicate.

Colored LED


  • Blue
    The button is searching for a device to connect to.
  • Green
    The user has started a parking payment on the smartphone their button is connected to.
  • Orange
    The button is located in a zone where the driver has to pay parking taxes.
  • Red
    The user has not stopped the payment but is changing location.
  • White
    The button is connected to a smartphone device and the button is not in a payment zone.


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