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I have spent over two years working for Yellowbrick. During this time I have completed multiple projects. Bellow, you can find highlights of this work. 



In this project, we are offering choice to the user providing them both a list and a map layout.

Costs page redesign


Yellowbrick has certain unique selling points compared to their concurrence. These unique offerings did not have a visible place in the process of selling the product. By adding these offerings to the costs page, customers will see what their money is worth.

Yellowbrick Flyer


Video prototype


Social media series

Creating content for social media, we have developed a monthly web series of  12 episodes. Each episode consisted of a 60-second interview with an entrepreneur.

Window sticker

The window sticker is as the name tells us a sticker for the user’s window in their car. This sticker was designed to remind people to start and stop their parking payments. Besides just reminding, the most important phone numbers such as the number to contact Yellowbrick’s customer service are noted on it. The costs for the stickers are €2,50. This sticker can be overlooked easily and the user can forget to start and stop again.

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